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Why is I Can Read the parent's system of choice?

Why is I Can Read the parent's system of choice? If you choose I Can Read, you are choosing a reputable system which has proven itself over 15 years, is the market leader and is supported by professionals in the field. 
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Tips for teaching your children English

Have you ever found it difficult to teach English to your children? If your answer is yes, you can try these simple tips.

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I Can Read Indonesia challenges you to join #ICRReadingChallenge!  Challenge your child to read the words perfectly!

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Ways to Help a Fellow Human Being

There is no excuse for us to postpone helping out. Let’s do a simple good act starting today!
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Why is I Can Read the world's best reading programme?  Why is I Can Read the parent's system of choice?
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Be an I Can Read Franchisee!

With over 100 learning centres in 10 countries, you’ll be joining a fast growing international brand! Contact us today to find out more!
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At I Can Read, we strive to help children overcome not only reading difficulties but to help them excel and build a strong foundation in English literacy.

Being able to witness the progression of our students reading, speaking and then writing marks milestones in their life that we want to be a part of.

How do we achieve this on a consistent basis? It is definitely not by chance or magic. It is a result of deliberate design in the I Can Read System. Unlike most literacy teaching methods which are derived from a diverse range of sources, with no consistent methodology - our system is based on disciplined research, (specifically Linguistics Science) and underlined by in depth research on teaching of English Literacy and Child Psychology.

This is what gives us consistent results.


Dear Parents,

Thank you for your unwavering support and in helping us be the world’s leading young learners literacy course.

This year, I Can Read will be unveiling our new brand image. The aim of this rebranding is to further distinguish I can Read among the highly competitive education market in Indonesia and all across Asia. The new brand image reflects the essential principles and important ingredients of our pedagogy

At I Can Read, we harness the curiosity of children, guiding them on the adventure of words and stories. We enable children to become stringer communicators and build their self confidence in the process. We develop a love of reading in our students by providing a joyful learning experience. Most importantly, we know that there is nothing more important that understanding the needs of our learners and supporting then. This is why all the services follow the motto “Revealing the joy of reading. Equipping children for the rest of their lives.”

Our vibrant new look will strengthen the quality teaching and learning environment that we offer. We have chosen colours and images to reflect our brand personality – one which offers teaching methods that integrate creativity, support, and a pioneering spirit, with a tinge of playfulness. Through this rebranding, we strive to build and stronger and more consistent brand to further improve I Can Read’s connection with our students and parents throughout Indonesia and Asia.

Thanks you for your continued trust and support. We look forward to sharing more on I Can Read’s exciting milestones in the future.

Kind Regards,

Finlay Beaton

Academic Manager- Indonesia