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As we are witnessing, the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to have a major impact in Indonesia and around the globe. As a result, business activities are being severely hampered or even forced to an end. To survive the economic effects of this pandemic, business people are being required to adapt quickly to new and rapidly changing business conditions.
But, even though we are in the middle of a crisis, there are still business opportunities to consider, one of which is an I Can Read educational franchise opportunity. 

I CAN READ is a market leader in providing English language courses through-out Asia and the Middle East. We have successfully taught over 300,000 students through our 160 Centres in 14 countries.

According to Afan Suryadi, Managing Director of I CAN READ Indonesia, "Our success is rooted in more than 20 years of research into the psychology of how children learn to read. We focus on reading skills, but we also equip our students with the ability to write, listen and speak in English which will help our children learn English more quickly, especially in their Golden Age."

In response to the closure of schools, I CAN READ has successfully managed to transition from classroom-based learning to online learning. In doing so, enabling our students, our staff and our business partners the ability to continue succeeding!

Not only has I CAN READ been able to adapt and survive during these trying business times, the company has also used the challenges faced as an impetus for pushing forward and developing new ways of delivering lessons to safeguard against future disruptions.

An I CAN READ Franchise is worth considering for anyone interested in doing business in the field of education. For complete information about I CAN READ business opportunities, click here.