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As we have witnessed, the COVID-19 virus is spreading rapidly in Indonesia. As a result, business activities are hampered or even forced to an end due to the difficult conditions. This pandemic requires business people to adapt quickly to the new business pattern.
But even though we are in the middle crisis, there are still business opportunities that can adapt and survive, one of which is the I CAN READ educational franchise opportunity. I CAN READ is the market leader in providing English language courses throughout Asia. We have successfully taught more than 300,000 students through our 160 centers in 14 different countries. “Our success is rooted in more than 20 years of research in the psychology of how children learn to read. We focus on reading skills, but we also equip our students with the ability to write, listen and speak in English which will help our children learn English more quickly, especially in their Golden Age," said Afan Suryadi, Managing Director of I CAN READ Indonesia.

As one of the institutions with the best English literacy system in the world that has been proven for 20 years, I CAN READ has managed to facilitate children to learn online. In fact, this learning is so effectively accepted by the community, that our I CAN READ business partners can continue running their business well despite nowadays' challenges.

In the current situation, I CAN READ is the solution for business people to survive and we are opening franchise opportunities for those of you who are interested in doing business in the field of education. For complete information about the I CAN READ business opportunity, click here.