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Almost overnight our world has changed. As the months roll on and we still find ourselves navigating this new way of life, there is an increasing realisation that the business world as it was before COVID-19 may never return. In response, many savvy business people are starting to look at where the real growth opportunities lie for their future investment. One area that is getting a lot of interest is the education and training sector – which thankfully appears to be weathering the current storm with a high degree of resilience.
To succeed, businesses have had to be able to quickly adapt to the new normal. Education has shown itself to be particularly good at this, with many education providers able to successfully transition from classroom-based to online teaching in a relatively short time.

Given this, the chaos caused by COVID-19 has not stopped or slowed down the pace of development in the education and training sectors throughout the world - from Pre-School level right through to University level. Many Education experts actually believe that the silver lining in this crisis is that the changes we are currently making in how we educate have been overdue for quite some time.

The following are tips for anyone interested in the business of education.

1. Do Your Research:

If you are new to this type of business you will need to gain a good understanding of what students (and especially their parents) are wanting – as with all businesses, it is all about supply and demand. Once you have completed your initial research then go a little deeper by analysing trends such as curriculum, teaching methods, learning time, purchasing power, and finding out all that you can about other similar businesses in the market.

2. The Right Brand/Partnership
While some business people might prefer to establish and run their own education business from scratch, most will choose to form a partnership with an established brand such as I Can Read. The benefits of this are numerous, e.g. the bigger education brands are already known and have proven success, the brands generally come with an established curriculum, teaching methodology, learning and teaching materials and considerable operational, academic, marketing and financial support. Choosing a well-known education brand allows someone new to the market to get up and operating in a relatively short period of time.

3. Employ Proven Curriculum, Methodology and Teachers

An education company is only as good as its Curriculum and Teaching Methodology. Parents are paying money for their child to attend, so we must meet our promises and deliver results.
Any new curriculum must undergo trials and testing before being released to the market in order to ensure maximum results. This curriculum must also be relevant to the market in which it is being taught.

Of equal importance to the curriculum is the method in which it is being taught in the classroom. This too must be thoroughly tested and trialled before it is adopted.

And…of course, the best curriculum and teaching methodology in the world is not going to be able to be delivered without a group of qualified, experienced and capable teachers – so choose them wisely, train them well and provide ongoing support and professional development. The success of your business will depend on these people!

4. Embrace Digital Marketing/Prioritise a Social Media Presence

The Education market is competitive, so you will always need to be working to best position your business within the market. Gone are the days when students just walked in the door and enrolled, today we must be far more pro-active and go out and actively find our students. The best way to do this is with the help of digital media.  If this is not an area that you are comfortable with, it might be time for some personal self-development and training, to enable you to build the knowledge, confidence and savvy to best use digital marketing and social media to your advantage.
5. Online Learning

In the education world of today, of course you will also have to factor in the real possibility that you will be needing to offer online courses. This too will involve the need for research, there are many online learning platforms on offer, but not all are created equal!

When choosing a learning platform you will need to consider: how easy is it for your students to access it, how difficult will it be to transition your current curriculum and methodology from the classroom to online, is the platform user friendly for both teachers and students, does the platform encourage interaction, to name but a few.

The above 5 tips are just an introduction to how I CAN READ can help you realise your entry into the English Education market.

We currently have franchise business opportunities available in a number of locations and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how you can become part of this profitable business.

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