To Hanoi and Beyond


Vietnam , Phan , 7 years

Master Franchise

Ha Va Phan has a vision. He wants to be the go-to English enrichment centre in Hanoi and beyond. Since 2012, Mr Phan has held the Master Franchise for I Can Read for Hanoi and has plans to expand into other provinces in Vietnam.

“The education business is a meaningful and rewarding one as I get to witness the development and growth of each child at my centre,” said Mr Phan. He had seen first-hand how a child of his business partner had benefitted from the I Can Read programme and sought to get a franchise.

“Business has been moderate but it is on an upward trend. Be patient and stick with it. It may take a while to show results but it is very rewarding,” advises Mr Phan. “Be sure to choose the location of your centre carefully. We chose the locations that bring visibility and attract a lot of residents staying around the centres.”

While Mr Phan’s centres are running on their own steam and Mr. Phan is grateful for the help rendered by I Can Read. “The support provided by Headquarters at the very beginning helped a lot but as we grew and became more stable, and became more well-versed with the I Can Read products, we became more independent,” said Mr Phan.

Mr Phan chose the I Can Read franchise for its scalability and reputation in other markets, which made it more visible to customers. So impressed with the I Can Read model, Mr Phan is also encouraging his other business partners to bring the franchise to other areas of Vietnam.

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