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To ensure our students’ continued learning, our I Can Read Web-Class will begin on the 5th of April, 2020 (Sunday). The classes will be conducted online via our I Can Read Web-Class platform with “live” lessons.

I Can Read web-classes are not pre-recorded lessons. We utilise an online teaching platform which enables teachers and students alike to join in a live virtual classroom and learn in a collaborative online environment. The programme seeks to empower both teachers and students by providing them with a platform that they use to make online learning both personal and engaging.

Teachers will create interactive blackboards using our digitised I Can Read resources, which will encourage students to collaborate, connect and most importantly, learn. Video conferencing tools are also available on the platform that will allow teachers to interact meaningfully with students through songs, built-in games and videos. This will help to continue I Can Read’s philosophy of having fun while learning.

Each lesson will be filled with fun and engaging activities that will help your child continue learning from the safety of your home.

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