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The I Can Read secret

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At I Can Read, we love to read. We want to share the joy of reading with your children. Our primary focus is to help children overcome the challenges of reading, also to aid them in overcoming the difficulties they may face. Our attentive Reading Specialists look out for these challenges faced by each budding reader, and use our unique methodology to help them get through the learning stages. You will observe progressive improvement in the student’s reading, writing, spelling and speaking skills week after week – developing them into confident and independent readers.

The I Can Read secret

The I Can Read secret

The I Can Read formula is developed over 15 years of study in Child Psychology and English Literacy research, with linguistics science in particular. From the extensive research, it shows we have a fair understanding of the challenges children face. More than 300,000 students have benefited from our method clearly validating the efficacy of our system.

The I Can Read secret

Invest in education; plant a seed for the future

If you love children, and strongly care for their future, you are in the right place! Parents all around the world want the best for their children and I Can Read provides an effective reading system for their needs. Given the resiIience of the education industry, the I Can Read business model is a low cost and low-risk investment with a high return. It is a business that will bring you a stable passive income while providing a service to the community.

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The Forecasted Global Market for Private Tutoring Services by 2030


Global English Language Learning Market to Reach US$70.7 Billion by 2030

16.2% CAGR

Global English Language Learning Market to grow 16.2% compounded annually by 2030


Over 20 years of Experience


Successfully taught over 300,000 students

Proven programme piloted in schools


160 centres throughout Asia

Tested & Proven Methodology

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Our Presence

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