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I Can Read is Asia’s leading literacy provider. We have had over 300,000 success stories in our 200 centres, spanning 14 countries. Our success stems from utilising the findings from our founder's 15 year Ph.D. study into the psychology of how students learn to read. I Can Read focuses on reading, but also provides students with the key Writing and Speaking skills they need to be successful in Primary School.


Developed by educational psychologists, the I Can Read Programme is student-centred and outcome-based taught by internationally qualified English Reading Specialists using the I Can Read method. Our classes are focused and fun. Parents are kept informed of the progress their child has made, in the learning areas of each course. I Can Read achieves results, giving our students the literacy skills they need as they progress in their education. 

The I Can Read Discover Programme focuses on younger children just starting out on their learning journeys. Generally it is a 3 hours per week course (though children can attend more often if the parents wish), aimed at children from the age of 2.5 years, and is designed to guide our youngest students towards early acquisition of English literacy.

ICR Discover Level 1    
For young learners starting their literacy journey. Develops initial phonological awareness, effective lifelong learning habits and social skills.
•    Listening
•    Speaking
•    Grasping the concept of first sounds
Each class includes:
•    Dramatic play
•    Developing Vocabulary
•    Singing & Rhyming
•    Storytime
•    Oral Communication
•    Introduction to Phonology
Learning Objectives:
•    Speak simple sentences using simple vocabulary
•    Participate in story time
•    Increase vocabulary using specialized classroom resources
•    Understand the concept of first sounds in words
•    Focus and pay attention for 5 minutes or more.
•    Understand the classroom environment

ICR Discover Level 2    
Interactive language based course developing literacy skills. Develops listening skills and phonological awareness for first and last sounds in words.     
Students learn to:
•    Effectively communicate with others
•    Develop phonemic awareness for the first sounds of words
Each class includes:
•    Greetings
•    Dramatic play
•    Games & Puzzles
•    Storytime
•    Vocabulary expansion
•    Oral communication
•    Development of conversation skills.
Learning Objectives:
•    Speak using short grammatically correct sentences
•    Participate in Storytime
•    Describe pictures
•    Follow more than one consecutive instruction at one time
•    Increase vocabulary using specialized classroom resources
•    Identify first sounds of words and some last sounds

ICR Discover Level 3    
An auditory foundation pre-reading course. Refines phonemic and phonological awareness and increases confidence when speaking in preparation for the Reading course.    
Students learn to:
•    Hear individual sounds in words
•    Orally segment words and blend sounds
•    Confidently participate in Stage Time & Story Time
•    Expands phonic awareness and increases confidence when speaking
Each Class Includes:
•    Oral Communication
•    Manipulate first, middle and last sounds of words
•    Stretching and Blending
•    Clusters of sounds
•    Storytime
•    One Minute Speech
Learning Objectives:
•    Speak using grammatically correct sentences
•    Participate in story time
•    Identify first, middle & last sounds of words
•    Oral blending & segmenting
Understanding sound / letter relationships


I Can Read is a 12 month course that focuses on developing independent readers. The course follows our renowned I Can Read System, which teaches and reinforces one new sound each week. The students are taught to identify sounds via the use of a series of I Can Read proprietary diacritical marks or clues.

I Can Read 1 – 3    
I Can Read (ICR) is a structured reading course using the unique ICR Code Card and Screener.
Students learn to:
•    Automatically access sounds in words
•    Recognize letter combinations and clusters rather than memorize words.
•    Use their knowledge of phonemes to decode all the words they read in the I Can Read storybooks.
•    Comprehend what they are reading
Each Class Includes:
•    Reading specially written fun children’s stories
•    Use of screener to aid initial reading
•    Use of diacritical marks from our code card in practical application
•    Spelling tests on key vocabulary
Learning Objectives:
•    Read independently using skills taught in class
•    Read and decode new and unfamiliar words
•    Read using pace and expression
•    Answer comprehension questions using correct grammar
•    Expand vocabulary using ICR spelling lists
•    Understand the parts of speech
•    Write simple sentences

I Can Read 4 – 6    
During the second 6 months students utilise their newly acquired reading skills gained in I Can Read (Reading Levels 1, 2 & 3).     
Students learn to:
•    Read from the novel, “The Amazing Thought Reading Machine”
•    Read from the sound based unmarked story books
•    Understand and complete oral comprehension
•    Construct written comprehension answers
Each Class Includes:
•    A grammar exercise
•    A spelling test
•    Sentence writing using spelling words
•    The assigning of reading and spelling homework
Learning Objectives:
•    Read independently using skills taught in class
•    Read and decode new and familiar words
•    Read using pace and expression
•    Answer comprehension questions using correct grammar
•    Expand vocabulary using ICR spelling lists
•    Understand the parts of speech
•    Write simple sentences
English Proficiency    
A conversation based course where students develop their acquisition and understanding of spoken English. Students explore language through everyday themes that enhance the learning process.
Students learn to:
•    Develop a mastery of everyday target vocabulary and sentence patterns
•    Engage in conversation with confidence
Lessons include:
•    Talk time using key classroom resources e.g: The Today Chart
•    Teacher modelling of correct sentence patterns
•    Mastering the art of conversation using measurable outcomes
•    Picture cards and games reinforce the taught vocabulary
•    The use of picture cards and games to reinforce learning in a fun and student friendly environment
The exploration and refinement of fine motor skills


The I Can Read Plus programme focuses on the key English skills students need to achieve in Primary School. Our courses build on from the excellent reading platform students have gained, to target all literacy areas. Students develop understanding and confidence, in a fun interactive class setting. 

Pre-Primary English    
Preparing young readers for Primary School. Builds on the reading platform and expands English literacy.
Students learn to:
•    Acquire the skills needed for planning and writing imaginative, grammatically correct, well written pieces of work
•    Write creatively
•    Read and respond to a variety of well-known classics of children’s fiction
Lessons will include:
•    Reading – both individual and group
•    Comprehension – increasingly written rather than oral, including techniques on answering multiple choice questions
•    Activities on Grammar/Punctuation/Parts of Speech
•    Dictionary work
•    Spelling
•    Creative Writing – sentences, paragraphs, simple stories and poetry
•    Group discussions – sharing ideas and opinions and listening to others
•    Listening activities – active listening for meaning
•    Oral presentations – learning how to speak confidently in front of others

English 1 – 4    
Empowering students to excel at Primary School and in formal exams. Targets age specific requirements following local English Curriculum standards.    Students learn to:    
•    Access essential curriculum knowledge required for Primary School.
•    Write with greater  Organization and detail
•    Speak with more confidence and poise
•    Read using a wider range of comprehension skills and strategies
•    Review and evaluate their learning
•    Use key test skills and strategies
Lessons will include:
•    Clear learning objectives
•    Success criteria so that all students know what they need to include in their work to be successful
•    Concept checks to ensure students understand what they learn, as they learn
•    Learning discussions around what is being learnt
•    Practice using key test skills and strategies
Key elements from the following strands:
•    Writing and Representing – productive skills used by students for communicating their ideas through writing
•    Speaking and Representing – productive skills used by students for communicating their ideas through speech
•    Reading and Viewing – receptive skills used by students for collecting information from written sources such as books, newspaper articles and magazines
Listening and Viewing – receptive skills used by students for collecting information from non-written sources such as images, audio, graphics and speech


I Can Read Web Class

To ensure our students’ continued learning, classes will be conducted online via our I Can Read Web-Class platform with “live” lessons.

I Can Read web-classes are not pre-recorded lessons. We utilise an online teaching platform which enables teachers and students alike to join in a live virtual classroom and learn in a collaborative online environment. The programme seeks to empower both teachers and students by providing them with a platform that they use to make online learning both personal and engaging.

Teachers will create interactive blackboards using our digitised I Can Read resources, which will encourage students to collaborate, connect and most importantly, learn. Video conferencing tools are also available on the platform that will allow teachers to interact meaningfully with students through songs, built-in games and videos. This will help to continue I Can Read’s philosophy of having fun while learning.

Each lesson will be filled with fun and engaging activities that will help your child continue learning from the safety of your home.

Contact your nearest I Can Read centre for more information.

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Watch the videos below to learn more about our I Can Read Web Classes.

Introduction to I Can Read Web Class.

Here’s a preview video of how our I Can Read Pre-Reading Level 1 Web Class is conducted.

Live Web-Classes designed to keep your child engaged while having fun with our I Can Read teachers.