Education Partnership Agreement Signed

An exclusive agency agreement in the education sector in the Middle East was signed here on 7th May 2019 between Middle East International Educational Services (MEI) Company, and I Can Read.
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Opening Soon in Muscat!

Our Al Mouj centre will be opening at the beginning of 2020!
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Why is I Can Read's system the most effective form of reading instruction?
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All teachers delivering the I Can Read system are trained to become reading specialists. Their primary focus is to ensure each student overcomes the challenges and difficulties of reading, ensuring they become confident, independent readers.

The ICR methodology ensures that students reach all of the necessary milestones in their literacy journey. Teachers will notice their students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills improve within the first few months of implementation.

How do ICR reading specialists consistently reach these milestones?

Teachers will reach each of the necessary learning outcomes thanks to the deliberate design in the I Can Read system. Unlike most approaches to reading, our system is based on disciplined research within the field of linguistics. Our courses were developed based on fifteen years of in-depth Child Psychology English Literacy research.

This is what gives us consistent results and this is why over 300,000 students have learnt to read using the I Can Read system.

How can you license the I Can Read curriculum?

By working closely with our agents, we can assist schools with implementing our unique literacy system. If you are interested in finding out more, please fill in the following form: