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We are proud of our teachers at Bukit Timah centre. Not only do they possess a wealth of experience, but they are also incredibly committed to supporting young students on their learning journey. 

Teacher John is a graduate of The University of Saskatchewan, Canada. His passion for educating took him to Hong Kong, Thailand and now Singapore. He has been teaching for I Can Read for over 18 months. John likes to study languages and try different cuisines, Japanese and Italian are two of his favourites.

Teacher Ayffa started teaching in 2006. She specialises in teaching children with learning differences and has been doing it for over twelve years. Ayffa believes that every child has a different learning style and pace. In the classroom, she strives to create a balanced and supportive learning environment. Ayffa's hobbies are teaching and studying psychology. 

Teacher Melissa has been with I Can Read since 2007. She enjoys teaching the I Can Read programme because of its methodology, structure and individualistic approach. Outside the classroom, she is passionate about theatre and baking.

Teacher Priscilla joined I Can Read in 2011 and since she been recognised for her enthusiastic and engaging teaching style. In Priscilla's opinion, an enthusiastic teacher can make a tremendous difference in student motivation and engagement in regards to learning. Her interests outside the classroom include travelling, reading and drawing.

Teacher Nathan started his teaching career in 2016 in China at a private English training centre. His teaching ethos is "Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world". Nathan's hobbies are golf, watching TV and socialising with friends. 

Would you like an opportunity to meet the staff and teachers at Bukit Timah? You're welcome to drop in anytime for a chat or contact the centre at (65) 6462 1083 to book an appointment with one of our teachers. The staff would love a chance to meet you and your child!