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Please accept our Sincere Apologies

On the 20th of August 2017, a recruitment advertisement was placed on “Dave’s ESL” website, which included the following phrase: “We are ideally looking for teachers under the age of 30”.

This advertisement was placed by a Recruitment Officer representing I Can Read (Central) Pte Ltd. The age-discriminatory statement does not represent the company’s general HR Policies. The said Recruitment Officer has since been counselled and issued a formal disciplinary warning.

We reiterate our commitment to fair employment practices and our support for the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices. To ensure that similar incidents will not happen again, we will work closely with TAFEP to ensure fair employment practices are ingrained into all levels of the company, including formally signing the Pledge of Fair Employment Practices and attending Fair Employment Practices Information Sharing sessions by TAFEP.

We endeavour to be fair in our recruitment practices, and unreservedly apologise for this slip and any offences caused. We would like to reassure any potential candidates that we welcome applicants of all ages.

Tan Aik Ping

Director, I Can Read (Central) Pte Ltd