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What Singapore Means To Me Contest

Singapore is a home for all of us. 
And each of us has a different idea about what makes our home so unique. 
What makes it special for you?

Is it the variety of amazing attractions that we have on this tiny island? 
Is it the richness of culture and the diversity of languages of our friends and family? 
Is it the easy access to a wide variety of mouth-watering cuisines?

Thanks to those who forged new pathways for us all,
we are reaping the benefits of this wonderful place, Singapore, our home.

This Racial Harmony Day, join us as we celebrate all the things we love about Singapore 
and what makes it distinctively special. 

Help your child express what makes Singapore special for them 
by partaking this wonderful activity.
Use cut-outs and create a visual masterpiece! 

Three selected winners will stand to win a $50 ICR Course Fee voucher!
We cannot wait to see your children's creativity and expression!

Download the template here.

*Contestants will be judged based on theme, originality and creativity.

*Please support your child if necessary, but allow their ideas to come through!

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