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I Can Read with JOY 2019

Bringing JOY to underprivileged families
February 11th 2019 marked the beginning of a new journey for I Can Read with JOY. For the third consecutive year, we are running and expanding our Corporate Social Responsibility campaign which aims to provide as many financially-disadvantaged children as possible with the confidence and crucial foundational skills which are taught in our literacy courses.

For the past year, I Can Read with JOY has been working alongside AMKFSC Community Services Ltd, TRANS Family and CLUB RAINBOW to bring pre-reading and reading lessons to the 70 children who benefit from their services. We were delighted to receive positive feedback from these welfare organisations and their beneficiaries. We heard that many of the students thoroughly enjoyed their lessons.

This year, three new non-profit organisations, Brighton Connection Student Care Centre, Marine Parade Family Service Centre and Care Corner Student Care Centre have partnered with us. We are also working with Dazhong Primary School by bringing our renowned curriculum directly into their classrooms. Over one hundred students will benefit from this year’s initiative.

At I Can Read, we believe that any organised community, business or corporation plays an important part, however small, in contributing to the betterment of society.

I Can Read will document the progress of this campaign on our Facebook page and we hope you'll join us as we embark on yet another journey of learning!