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We will be offering 2 distinct courses:

Fun with Phonemes (Pre-Reading Level 2)  and Flying with Phonemes (Pre-Reading Level 3).

Courses will be taught by experienced I Can Read Reading Specialists with a special emphasis on promoting children to the next level of the I Can Read Programme. There will be a transition test for students to complete at the end of the course. A successful result on this test would allow students to progress to the next level.

Please note that early bird registrants will receive a 
5% DISCOUNT on their course fees!

If you are interested in learning more, scroll down for information on courses, scheduling, location and pricing. If your child will be a new student, you'll need to do an assessment to determine the most suitable level for your child. You can register for an assessment on-line by clicking here.

If your child is already enrolled in an I Can Read class, please approach the from desk for information on how to register.