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Choose your English skills, add some razzle and dazzle, and get ready to impress with your star quality. From singing to news presenting, poetry to public speaking, acting to comedy. The choice is yours!
1. The I Can Read English Talent Hunt is open to all Indonesian citizens aged from 3 to 16 years old.
2. Contestants may perform solo, or as a duet or group act. The maximum number of people in one group is 8.
3. All kinds of Performances are welcome. Anything goes, from singers to public speakers, poets to news presenters, etc.
4. All Performances must be in English. This is a must! 
5. Contestants must be amateur performers, or performers involved with the entertainment industry on an informal or part-time basis only. Contestants must not belong to any professional organization (s) connected with the entertainment industry. Contestants must not have any albums of any kind out in public.

6. Register yourself using the I Can Read English Talent Hunt 2020 Registration Form.
7. Visit the nearest I Can Read Centre to get the Registration Form.
8. Or, download the Registration Form here. Print the Registration Form using A4-sized paper and fill it in completely.
9. Contestants who are performing as a duet or group act should only submit one Registration Form with all contestants’ information on it.
10. Once the Registration Form is completely filled and signed, scan it to PDF format and send it via e-mail to together with your Talent Video link and the Proof of Payment of the Registration Fee. 

Registration Fee:
Register in an I Can Read Centre*:
Solo Act: Rp. 41K | Duet or Group Act: Rp. 61K

Register Online:
Solo Act: Rp. 81K | Duet or Group Act: Rp. 101K

*By registering in I Can Read Centre, you are entitled to a free Assessment voucher.

Payment Guidelines for Registering:
All payments must be transferred to the Bank Account below:

Account Number : 309 144 3480
Account Holder Name : PT. Indonesia Can Read (BCA)

11. The deadline to e-mail a completed and signed Registration Form, the link to your talent video and the proof of payment of the registration fee is by the closing date which is 5 April 2020.

12. Turn your camera on and get ready to perform your talent!
13. Make sure you choose and record your best talent! No changes to your act will be permitted. The act submitted in your talent video is what you will be performing on the LIVE SHOW. (If you are chosen to perform on the LIVE SHOW).
14. No profanity, lewdness or vulgarity in any vocal, dance, or other performance will be allowed. This is a family, friendly environment, please be respectful.
15. Attire must be respectable and age appropriate. No logos or blatant branding.
16. No lip-synching, nor the use of auto-tune apps like Smule or StarMaker.
17. Singing with a backing track is allowed as long as we can hear your voice clearly.
18. Shoot your video in a bright/well-lit setting. We want to be able to see you!
19. Check your video before submitting and make sure the audio can be heard clearly.
20. Keep it short! A three- four minute video should do the trick! 
21. Do not submit a highly edited video, sizzle reel, or video with highly processed vocals.

22. Once you are happy that your video is ready! You are good to submit!
23. Upload your talent video to, copy the link and send the link via e-mail to using the following format as the subject:
24. The deadline to email the link of your talent video, the completed and signed registration form and the proof of payment of the registration fee is by the closing date which is 5 April 2020.
25. You will receive a confirmation of receipt e-mail.
26. Through-out the entire English Talent Hunt, the decisions of the organizer and the judges are final and will not be open to discussion.

LIVE SHOW – The information you must know if you are chosen to enter the LIVE SHOW!
1. The LIVE SHOW will be performed on the Grand Finale stage. For the LIVE SHOW the 20 best contestants will be invited to perform their talent LIVE in front of the judges and a live audience. You might be chosen, so be prepared! We will announce the top 20 contestants via Instagram and website.
2. The Grand Finale that was planned to be held on Sunday, April 19th, 2020 at Emporium Mall Jakarta, has been postponed until further notice. Additional information will be released soon.
3. All eyes will be on you! Make sure you prepare a stunning act!
4. The LIVE SHOW performance time is strictly limited to 5 to 8 minutes per contestant.
5. The Event Committee will be providing all contestants with standard band equipment and sound system. Other equipment, preparation and/or instruments for your act must be provided by yourself.
6. Contestants must provide their own recorded music, instruments, props, etc. (For the LIVE SHOW, your track quality must be at a professional level). 
7. For singers: the background music must be karaoke style (We want to hear you, not the original singer!).
8. All music tracks must be prepared in a flash disk to be given to the Event Committee on the day of the LIVE SHOW. (Please always bring a backup).
9. Contestants are responsible for their own performances and will be screened for appropriateness by the Event Committee.
10. The contestant/parent/guardian must agree to the terms of the Event Agreement and will be required to sign a photo release and a liability waiver at the LIVE SHOW!
11. No profanity, lewdness or vulgarity in any vocal, dance, or any other performance will be allowed. This is a family, friendly environment, please be respectful.
12. Attire must be respectable and age appropriate.
13. No logos or blatant branding!
14. No lip-synching permitted!
15. All expenses are the responsibility of the contestant.
16. There will be 6 winners and 2 favorite winners. A 1st, 2nd and 3rd place chosen from the solo acts, and a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place chosen from the duet/group acts. Plus a ‘favorite’ winner from each category, chosen by an online audience.
17. Winners will be announced at the end of the LIVE SHOW! You must be present to receive prizes.
18. All contestants will receive an “I CAN READ – ENGLISH TALENT HUNT 2020 CERTIFICATE” for their participation. 
19. Be creative, be brave, be involved and show off your true English talent to the WORLD.

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